This general list can help you better prepare your home for a professional inspection leading to a smoother inspection and real estate transaction.

Exterior Items

  • Remove storage from foundation and walls, cut back foliage to not affect operation of windows/doors


  • Ensure full access to the crawlspace
  • Remove excess storage to allow easy access throughout the crawlspace


  • Ensure any storage or shelving is removed to allow entry to the attic through ceiling or wall hatches


  • Make sure the gas furnace and gas hot water tank are fully operating and accessible to inspect
  • Gas furnaces should be serviced on an annual basis. (Keep proof)


  • Remove storage from showers and bathtubs to allow testing of faucet and drain.


  • Make sure the water is turned on so we can test all sinks and fixtures. If the home has been winterized, please let us all know in advance. The buyer may have to extend the inspection date accordingly
  • Clear storage that blocks access and opening of electrical panels (the panel cover will be removed for inspection and reinstalled)
  • All appliances should be fully functional, including gas fireplaces with pilots on, or noted otherwise
  • Remove clothing from washer & dryer so inspector can test for functionality and leaks
  • Keep the house clean! A dirty home, a home full of clutter, a home that does not look cared for will be viewed as such by the buyer, who most often attends the inspection.
  • A home full of storage limits our ability to provide a detailed honest representation of the home. Reduce, reduce, reduce.